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    AURATE – Code ‘COFFEE’ for 15% off your first jewelry purchase

    BIOCLARITY - Code ‘COFFEE’ for 15% off all skin products

    BROOKLINEN - Code ‘COFFEE’ for 10% off your first order and free shipping

    DOORDASH – Code ‘COFFEE’ for $5 off your order of $15 or more when you download the DoorDash App

    EQUAL PARTS – Code ‘COFFEE’ for $50 off any cookware kit over $200

    EVERLANE - Free shipping

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    FLAMINGO - Get $22 value for $16 plus free shipping

    QUIP - Quip starts at just $25. First refill pack FREE with a Quip Electric Toothbrush!

    HELLO FRESH – Code ‘COFFEECONVOS80’ for $80 off your first month. A meal kit delivery service that shops, plans & delivers step-by-step recipes & pre-measured ingredients so you can just cook, eat & enjoy!

    HEMPFUSION – Code ‘COFFEECONVOS’ for 20% off your first order!

    HONEY – Get HONEY for FREE

    HONEY BOOK – Code ‘COFFEE’ for 50% off your first year of services

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    LENDING CLUB - Borrow up to $40k

    MODSY - Code ‘COFFEE’ for 20% off

    NATIVE – CODE ‘COFFEE’ FOR 20% off your first purchase

    NOOM - Free trial

    OPEN FIT - Text ‘COFFEE’ to 303030 - 30-Day Free trial

    PEANUT – Download the Peanut App from the app store

    ROTHY’S – Shoes made from recycled plastic water bottles! Now come in four styles: Flat, Point, Loafer & Sneaker!

    THIRD LOVE - 15% off your first purchase

    VISTA PRINT – Code ‘COFFEE50’ for up to 50% off

    YOUR SUPER – Code ‘COFFEE’ for 15% off